Monday, 28 February 2011

More Zigzag Bunting on Display at the NEC

We took a day out last week to visit the Stitches Trade Show at Birmingham's NEC to source some new fabrics and see what else is going on in the craft world.

I managed to find some beautiful new fabrics for Zigzag, and chanced upon a stand decorated with some familiar bunting:

The Historical Sampler Company had requested some bunting that would match their delightful samplers in their soft wood frames, and ended up with some of our pretty 'Sweet Dots' bunting, together with lengths of fabric which they used as a backdrop to the pictures. Doesn't it look good?

It was a serendipitous meeting as neither the owners nor I knew the other would be there, and I must say they clearly had the most attractive stand. Do take a peek at their website to see their traditional sampler designs if you fancy a timeless embroidery project.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

CBBC use Zigzag Bespoke Bunting

We have just seen some videos of our special bunting for CBBC in action, they were delighted to find we could make them just what they ordered, a haphazard mix of shapes and colours to match their zingy summer theme.

Fun, eh! They sent over some more, so here is another brief one:

And a screenshot from the longer advert, with a camping theme:
We're in the mood for summer now, thank you CBBC!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Union Jack Bunting

How wonderful that we are seeing a revival of pride in our nation, and a keenness to wave the union flag on special occasions.

Here at Zigzag Barn we have been making lots of Union Jack Bunting, especially our vintage-effect version which looks suitably shabby chic and has proved very popular. Here is some gracing a Designer's Choice's business stand at Spring Fair at the NEC last week:

We have been looking out for bunting produced by Fair Trade groups so that we can support their work abroad: watch out for some lovely new buntings from these partners on Zigzag's website soon!